Cool photos

Now here’s something else you don’t see everyday. I took this pic whilst driving (dangerous, I know) but I was at a traffic light that just turned green (honest!). I hear no one was hurt, fortunately. I can’t imagine what could’ve happened. Did the truck try to avoid an old lady crossing the street? Was the driver under the influence of alcohol or marijuana? Or was it the driver who lied about his driving qualifications and couldn’t quite handling the steering wheel? Your guess is as good as mine. Driving in Lagos is not without its surprises! 


I walked into a little shop at a filling station in Lagos and I stumbled upon a very interesting piece. At first I thought it was made of rubber, plastic or something brittle but I was shocked to get confirmation from the shop assistant that it was in fact a real Bible – complete from Genesis to Revelations! Of course the font is sooooo small you’d have to use a pair of binoculars to make out a full sentence. It is a minuature hard paperback with a tiny clasp and the book measures just about 2-inches in length and width. Thickness is at an astonishing half-inch. It’s actually a keyring but I guess if I forgot to take my Bible to church one Sunday I could always refer to my palm-size…pardon me…finger-size…pardon me again…Half a pinky finger-sized Bible (so long as I didn’t forget to bring along the binoculars!)  


What's another name for a 2-inch Bible? A miracle!



I got this cake last November and at first I thought it was delivered to me by accident. My name isn’t Tomato but I did use it as part of my email address for facebook –…why? I got teased in primary school when people couldn’t pronounce my real name so I got ‘Tomatopiri’, 2-1-3, Touch-my-pr (censored), etc. Yeah, you could say I had some crazy friends…sick, sick friends. But my vengeance will be sweet like that blue icing…mu-ha-ha-ha!!! 

moi 001

Happy 'Boffday' indeed!



It appears that it’s not only the lizard whose ‘good side’ is on the left side. That’s my dog, ‘Happy’ (Don’t ask…my dad named him whilst I was studying in the UK). The story behind his name is equally amusing. Everytime you tried to play Fetch with him, he would retrieve the object you threw, come towards you, and when you tried to take it from his mouth…he would run away! That’s crazy behaviour but he doesn’t know it. It’s all fun and games for him. This year he’ll be 70 dog years (you do the math :)) 



I took this pic in my backyard where I have a coconut tree that drops its pods every now and again. It was a kodak moment. What do I call this one ‘This one’s all mine” or “Make sure you snap my good side” or maybe…lol . . . 

Humping around

Humping around


9 thoughts on “Cool photos

  1. Hey great photo and I love the colouration of the Lizard. We have similar lizards in Australia and they are called Frilled lizards but they are mostly a grey colour. Hey would you put the lizard on our site too. I would love it. Thanks in anticipation. Gail


  2. Haha @ the tomato story!! Aww kids are mean I tell you… How can they spoil such an innocent name and turn it to something so wrong lol..Pele..


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