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Now that I work in Lekki (miles away from home in Ikeja) I’m now thinking of getting this jeep to cope with the potholes. Isn’t it a stunner? Like the Optima 2011 it is yet to hit the Nigerian market but I’m thinking of importing one – life’s too short to wait plus I want to be one of the first to launch it on the Lagos streets! As you might have guessed I plan to get the black and its got to be an automatic transmission. Kia is definitely here to stay in Nigeria. The Mitsubishi engine under the hoods of Kia Motors is probably part of the reason why its a durable driving machine. It’s easy on the pocket too at $18,295/£10,900/N2.7m (not for sale)
Behold, the car of my dreams…The Kia Optima 2011 edition. It is not yet in Nigeria (surprisingly) but the buzz has been seen in the local newspapers with excellent reviews too! Permit me to say that this looks like a hybrid of the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry but the price tag would definitely be more economical in comparison.  My Chery A520 has been a thing of beauty like Jennifer Aniston but the new Kia has the sex appeal of Angelina Jolie (guess whose Brad Pitt, lol). The Kia Optima oozes style and distinction without even trying too hard like an Aston Martin (Sorry James Bond). I always prefer black but this car looks stunning in metallic grey. Toyota and Camry had better clean up their act. The once snubbed Kia Picanto, which  is only as big as my toilet, was driven predominantly by Indian expatriates. Today, more and more Nigerians have been seen in red, black and green Picantos all over Lagos (N1.1m). I ‘Pican’t’ wait for the Kia Optima 2011 much longer!!! (not for sale)

Toyota FJ Cruiser

This is what has been making Toyata fans in Lagos salivate over since last year. It definitely stands out with its distinct white top. It comes in a variety of colours and so far I’ve seen black, blue and yellow. I don’t particularly like the doors. The 2-door concept is the problem for me – I don’t think it is children-friendly (their fingers could get caught using this weird door-opening mechanism where the doors open towards you like so (\ /) starting with the door on the right-hand side. It looks like something right out of Lego and I’m still trying to establish whether it’s a girly kind of car or a macho man’s toy. I’d drive one of these…but only id it was handed over to me for free…the price tag aint too bad: $25,628/£17,081/N5m (not for sale) 


The Chery QQ6

This relatively new on the Lagos road scene. Been seen to grace our roads only for the last 3months and I’ve only seen 2 including this one. If you want to stand out in the equivalent of a Ford Mini then this is the car for you. Only comes in Manual Transmission but at least the windows are automatic. Definitely an eye-turner and has a bit of umph under that hood for some fast turbo action…okay not ‘Fast and Furious’ fast…just fast. Cost = N1.5m/ $8571/ £6000  (FOR SALE!!! @ N1.1M)


The (Black) Chery A520

The (Black) Chery A520

Now this is a car that is just too sexy for the road. It’s no coincidence that I took the photo from this angle – I’m a booty man. Some like breasts – they’re breast men. Some like legs – They’re leg men. I’m an ass-man (NOT an ass, man). This car also gets heads turning and has a 2.0 litre engine, complete with a 6-CD changer and leather seats. Perfect for a night out and that gloss finish – whoa! If you look closely near the rear light you’ll see the reflection of a man and the navy blue and sky blue car’s ass on the side of this Chery. The shine is just immaculate. This kind a car could set you back a mere N2.2m/$12571/£7857 (not for sale).  



The (Sky Blue) Chery A520

Same model, same ass, same glossy wet-look finish…just a different colour – a hypnotic sky blue. You can appreciate the length of this car better with this angle. Blue’s my favourite colour but there’s something really bold about dark colours…thats why I drive the black one 😀  (FOR SALE!!! @ N1.7M)



The Peugot 504

This is the first type of car I ever drove when I was 16. It was a Manual Transmission dream built for Nigerian roads (which weren’t always tarred back in the day). The Peugot 504 that I drove was actually mustard green and it was in mint condition unlike this blue one I found parked in my residential estate. The car doesn’t shout out to you ‘I’m sexy!’ and it doesn’t attract girls like a BMW would but it is one of the most durable and cost effective cars in Nigeria. It was and is still used as the Nigerian government’s official car. They ride dark army green or black Peugot 504 cars, sometimes with an elephant tusk embedded in the front-centre of the bonnet like an ivory dildo. (Would you even buy this?)


12 thoughts on “Car Reviews

  1. Nice one but i’ll like to see a few pictures of the interior. The exterior has got me salivating but i’ll like to know if it taste good too


    • The car does turn heads in Lagos and is quite unique. If I’m in the car park I could quickly pick out my car. And the speaking of parking, I can fit into nice little spaces or corners whout breaking a sweat. Good value for money!


  2. **UPDATE**


    Recently I have decided to buy the KIA Sportage (pictured at the top of this post) and sell the Chery QQ6 and the Chery (Sky Blue) A520. The cars are both in Ikeja-Lagos, Nigeria and their mileage are as follows: QQ6 – 2874km; A520 – 14,497km. The cars are in mint condition and will be sold together for N2.5m (or N1.6m for the A520 and N1.1m for the QQ6).

    All interested parties should either reply here and leave valid email addresses.

    Hurry as it is first come first serve 🙂


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