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Secret tip for making Chapman: If you know you are not going to serve the Chapman to your guests immediately, then make sure you only mix in the sprite at least a few minutes before serving. The reason for this is that the Chapman will not become flat (as I have observed in a couple of weddings I attended recently). This is a very important tip if you want your Chapman to retain that ‘kick’ or ‘bite’ or ‘tang’. Also, remember that the ice cubes also dilute the taste when left undrunk for too long at room temperature.

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24 thoughts on “How To…

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      • Thanks so much for your tips, but I’m still not getting the colouring yet ,how to achieve two to three separate colours in glass of cup.


      • Hi. I want to understand your question; are you trying to achieve say yellow and red layer in one cup or yellow and red in different cups?


      • Nice job welldone, for d pson dat is trying to achieve differnt colours in a cup dat tin ure seing its a type of glass it multi coloured ok.


  2. Thanks for the chapman recipes. Pls is it bad to mix everything together at once in a basin. If yes which is coming first? Fanta or spirite. Pls help cos I want to make for 100 people


    • Hi Rossy,

      I would recommend that you mix the sprite last in order to retain some fizz. You don’t want your chapman to be flat otherwise. All the best 🙂


  3. thanks so much for the tips, most mixologists/bartenders in Nigeria will never give u free tips till u pay for it . Well thank God for unselfish and nice people like you. God bless you big

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