The Truth behind BB Naija 2017

The Truth behind Big brother SA Big Brother Naija 2017. (Guest post: Anonymous)

We are all thinking it, and I began to suspect it 10 mins later into the show… where is the place with 12hrs 24hrs steady Nepa in this naija cause I’ll pack my bags too and head there. Of course not, I didn’t think so too, hence my research into this game began (remember, it is a game lol).

1. Who cares??? I mean do people really still give a damn about this thing. There’s a

reason why its been off air for 10 years and I dint hear anyone crying out. What is the

purpose??? What is the vision???

2. Who wins??? Again who really cares, as far as this year’s housemates (HM) they all

came to sell market. According to Efe (the most popular looking HM based on live

feeds) he put it so poetically and said that as long as you build your brand, then you

could put out crap songs yet people would still buy. Abi is that what “see gobbe” stands


3. N24m or N25m??? So big brother, which is it because on the opening night you were

shouting winner takes home N25m, then one week later, the money has dropped to

N24m. Please inform the housemate, before they come out, the money has turned to


4. Been there, done that, got the Tshirt. All the twists and surprises possible have been

done tire, even the twists get twists haba, it don’t make sense no more. HM are failed

to be surprised, just check out last week’s “fake eviction” and the look on their faces, or

lack thereof of surprise when it was revealed.

5. Is it fight I came to watch??? Aparently, some naijas are not depressed enough with the

current recession in the economy, they want to see people fighting for entertainment.

However, big brother failed to deliver on that either, even forcing hm to piss each other

off. Its not working, sorry biggie.

6. Aha! It must be relationship I’m looking for. Lets do the mathematics…67 girls and 6 7

boys, aged 20s to 30s, all hot btw. Throw in some double beds, some awkward single

beds and lack of adequate sleeping arrangements, alcohol and music, what do you get??

7. This is Big Junior Brother!!! Apparently, people have been speculating as to who is the

voice behind biggie. Ebuka perhaps??? Highly plausible indeed.

8. Where is our President??? I mean seriously guys, we have real issues in the ‘real world’

of Nigeria eg dollar going up, US travel ban, petrol queues, aint nobody got time for this.

9. Did we hire a marketing team??? Im telling you, these housemates must be up to

something cause ive never been more aware of the sponsors than now. I guess it’s the

‘plan b’ in case they don’t win, they can get a job with one of the sponsors.

10. Communual living. I just cant deal right now. Food sharing, bed sharing and don’t get

me started on the shared toilet and bathroom. Maybe I’m too old for this.


5 thoughts on “The Truth behind BB Naija 2017

  1. I don’t watch that show but what’s with the 6/7 boys and 6/7 girls, is there a pun intended? Or a hermaphrodite in the house? Adichie got it hot for making statements against trans people ooo, so take heed!

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    • Lol. I learnt BB Naija initially had 6 male and female contestants each before adding two more to make a total of 14. So the Transgender faction need not worry about their human rights being violated by me.


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