And the winners who guessed right are…

Image result for winners pngHello everyone! Thanks for all the entries on my last post How to lose your appetite in 3 seconds. Apologies for any ruined appetites on account of my disgusting scenarios – A problem shared is a problem halved, as they say. So let’s get straight to the other half of the problem – Which scenario did I experience yesterday? Three of you chose the correct answer 🙂 Join me in congratulating OLAIDE AJAYI, CHARLES WILLIAMS and FARRAH for choosing that…

A gush of soot hit my face and landed on my entire lunch plate

Lucky (or unlucky) number 3 is the answer! Suspense is over…we can all eat normally again. Tee-hee

N.B – As promised the winners will be getting treats on social media – shout outs on their profiles and promotion of their content on my blog or a topic of their choice in the following week. Thanks for reading and look out for my next crazy post!



4 thoughts on “And the winners who guessed right are…

    • Huh? Ruined without even seeing photos? Lol. That’s the reality. Truth hurts. Lesson learned – don’t eat close to electrical appliances. Okay go get a smoothie to take your mind of this 😀


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