I Can See My Husband.

This was an enjoyable read which I highly recommend! @ Vou – Are you sure the husband you’re searching for is reading this? Enjoyed this and all the other odes/letters to NH. This is your year BY GOD’S GRACE (as they say in Naija)

Vou Vents

Dear Nigerian Husband,

Towards the end of 2015, I began to doubt if you exist and why you’re taking forever to show up. I also wondered if your parents really did raise you right and all that jazz.


But being the good girl I am and the amazing Nigerian wife I know I will be, I decided to turn all that criticism inwards. I made the decision to look within and see what I was doing wrong.

You’re a good man, from a good family and as such, you’ve been taught never to keep women waiting.
After weeks of introspection, I got an epiphany. The reason you’re not here with me is

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