TCN Blog Digest I

keep calm

Hello TCN fans! This series hopes to be the first of many and here I’ll be giving commentaries on random articles of blogs I follow. Please feel free to read the full articles if I’ve managed to pique your interest like they did mine. Who knows…the next blog I stumble upon might be yours! – If it’s one thing I gained from reading this article it’s that I need to get off my backside and make bold moves in 2015 and by God’s grace (yeah I said it Timi) I have my Top 10 goals to achieve in 2015 all typed up on a Powerpoint slide to serve as a constant reminder. What motivates me? Er…money, promotion, recognition, Jack Daniels (after working hours of course), etc. I love the reference to Malcolm Gladwell whose a genius storyteller and analytical thinker who stimulates and influences your reasoning. I have read Outliers though I’m quite tempted to get The Tipping point. Like Timi I wish you all Happy New Momentum in the days ahead 🙂 – I got a bit peckish when I read this article. I’m a sucker for meat pies (yet another motivator!). But what I even enjoyed more is that fact that these meat pies were prepared for a Nigerian husband who…maybe I shouldn’t give it all away lol. The ingredients are basic and accessible (unless of course you live in the desert or reside in Guantanamo Bay). She also gave away the recipe…FOC! (That’s ‘Free of Charge’ not some coded swear word for WordPress). Thanks Vou for this savoury read. Regards to your hubby *wink*  – I can totally relate with the article in this blog. I don’t miss those thesis days one bit…having to defend what I’m not entirely sure I’m going to type 15,000 words about can give a man stomach cramps. What’s worse is falling ill and feeling depressed during that crucial life changing period. I’m glad she managed to get through the presentation and had the handy ‘plan B’ up her sleeve but I sometimes think having a plan C doesn’t hurt either.  Well done, Alex! Hope you enjoyed watching Gandhi (save me some dessert too).

That’s all for now but I’ll have another selection every week so I guess you can expect 51 more of these…lucky me. *insert sarcasm here*

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3 thoughts on “TCN Blog Digest I

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I enjoy reading Malcolm Gladwell books. I’m reading Blink at the moment (and three other books simultaneously!)
    M for momentum; go Jollof, by God’s grace 😉


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