Bankers in love

“Babe, I know I’ve been working late a lot lately but you know how demanding my job can be. All I hear at the office day and night is how I’m supposed to meet my target but I think I’ve already met my target…my target is You. If only I could fix my working hours like a term deposit so I can spend more time with you. I want to chase you round the garden like a big-ticket Import Finance transaction that manages to get away just when it’s within my reach. I want to have beautiful flowers sent to you everyday like SMS credit alerts. I want to take you around the world like my VISA credit card and maybe let you exchange handshakes with my close pals; Benjamin Franklin and the Queen of England. You deserve all my interest, minus the tax deductions of course. If I could turn back the hands of time I would give you more attention like my top ten customers. I wouldn’t toss your emotions from one end to the other like an electronic fund transfer. I promise to keep my appointments with you like my monthly loan repayments. When it comes to taking care of you I won’t default. My affections for you have been long overdrawn like a bad debt. This valentine I want just say that like a cheque book reorder slip I’ll be there when you need me the most. Thank you for banking on me. Yours truly…”

~ taken from the unpublished book, Romance for Dummies


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