How do you answer the question: “What’s new?”

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The Pinstriped Suit

How many times do we get asked this question on a daily or weekly basis? And how many times do we simply give the answer “Not much, same old stuff”.

I think the question “What’s new?” is a really good indicator of how engaged you are in the projects and activities in your life. If you are consistently giving a ho hum answer, then perhaps you need to evaluate the meaning and purpose behind your work. Think about how boring you sound when your basically telling the world that you have absolutely nothing interesting happening in your life.

Of course, everybody gets caught up in the minutia of having too much to do, getting underpaid and barely having enough time to eat lunch; however, it’s important to remained inspired and passionate about what you do, even if your day to day is boring.

If you don’t like what you do…

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