Airtel is recruiting! (Beware of scam)

Dear readers,

I would like to bring to your attention the viral text that has flooded Blackberries across Nigeria and beyond. The text reads:

Airtel is recruIting! Apply thru ( Please ensure you pass this on, even if u don’t need it!

^^ That site is FAKE so be warned! If you click on the site you’ll find that the logo is wrong (and it looks like a scanned image). The Airtel logo is supposed to be white with a red background and NOT orange & purple. The real Airtel site is Fraudsters have obviously found a new way of phishing – sending fake recruitment site links through text in order to trap unsuspecting applicants who would go on to provide personal data. Please tell your friends to be careful about giving out personal information on websites without verifying their authenticity. DON’T BE A VICTIM!!!


29 thoughts on “Airtel is recruiting! (Beware of scam)

  1. I believe the rebranding of Zain to Airtel is a good thing to happen to Nigeria Telecommunication. Freedom is the name Airtel more grease to your elbow


    • Thanks for your comment Victor. Rebranding is refreshing for the consumer however it may instill some doubts about the longevity of the organization. Who knows if one day Airtel will be taken over by MTN?


    • Thanks for your comment Victor. Rebranding is refreshing for the consumer however it may instill some doubts about the longevity of the organization. Who knows if one day Airtel will be taken over by MTN?


    • Hi Dayo. First of all I’d like to mention that a colleague of mine apparently called a friend working at Airtel who confirmed that is not fake. However my advice to you is to do the following if you want to apply to Airtel:

      1. Call the enquiries on ‘111’ from any Airtel (0802, 0808, 0708, 0812, etc) mobile phone number and wait for the automated message to tell you how to speak to one of their representatives
      2. Ask the representative to confirm the website for job application/recruitment.
      3. Alternatively you can follow this link for other ways of contacting Airtel directly:

      I hope this helps. Goodluck!


  2. is not a fake website. It is a telecoms company based in Lagos but not a provider of GSM lines like MTN, Glo and the rest. I’ve done a WHOIS search of the website; it was registered in 2002 and it’s been hosted by Tavia Technologies (Ikeja, Lagos). Airtel (the new zain) webiste is and it’s registered by Bharti (owners of Airtel) in May 2010 in Delhi, India. It’s just coincidental (if I may say so…) that Airtel Nigeria Limited is recruiting also at this time… i’m sure most Nigerians have been waiting for the job adverts to come out from Airtel (the new zain).

    However, as suggested by you, if any one needs to know about job placement in Airtel (the new zain), please contact their customer service officers or go to their website



    • Dele, right now there are vacancies in Oando and NNPC, which were both published in the papers Nov/Dec 2010. Etisalat is rumoured to be recruiting but I have not come across any publications to that effect (Airtel also hasn’t published vacancies in the local papers).


  3. pls,i’ll like you to inform us through our own email(s),especially those that concern like me,when Airtel will be publishing there own recruitment.Thanks.


    • Ken, here are a few ways to detect scam vacancies:
      – Confirm from someone who works at the company e.g. Customer Care
      – If you are required to pay money for registration then alarm bells should be ringing
      – If well-known logo of a company appears distorted on their website in any way e.g. different color, blurry or scanned, etc then proceed with caution!


  4. Airtel Nig. Is a force that has brought healthy competition to the Nigeria Telecommuniction Industry through innovative marketing strategy thereby making telecommunication service affordable to average Nigerians.


  5. I recieved a congratulation letter frm Airtel that l won #2m frm on going promotion.I want to confirm if it is true.With code 2383.Thankx from ur customer mr Eze Sosthenes.


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