Entry #73 – Rest in Peace Leslie

~I discovered today that one of the funniest actors, whose succeeded in his old age to crack my ribs with laughter, died yesterday. At the age of 84 Leslie Nielsen is reported to have suffered complications from Pneumonia. I can only lay claim to watching his Naked Gun Trilogy. I don’t recall seeing him in much else. However he’s been around for a while like George Bennett…you know, that 60-something year old singer whom nobody really knows but has a cool Sinatra-type voice). Back in the 90s I thought Leslie was unbelievably agile and strong in his movies…but later I realized he used a lot of stunt-doubles and that his grey hair meant he was really old (not like Steve Martin whose worn a grey crown since I was in Kindagarten). I hope he passed away with happy thoughts…thoughts of all those whose lives he touched and hearts he made happy. I won’t forget him and I’ll make sure I get the Trilogy on DVD quick before the price skyrockets like albums of Bob Marley and 2pac!

One thought on “Entry #73 – Rest in Peace Leslie

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