Entry 25 – Wisecracks

I’ve just had one of those days where pretty much everything I heard, saw or felt could be linked to the word ‘shit’. On my way to work for instance, I was driving with a sore head and a runny nose so I obviously felt like shit. I was caught up in a stretch of road traffic partly caused by a diversion plus traffic caused by panick buying of petrol amidst scarcity scares. By the time I arrived, I looked at my watch and saw I was 30mins late and I simultaneously uttered, ‘Shit!’. The meeting I had with my boss and my marketing team was also pretty shit. We didn’t rake in a lot of funds today and couldn’t stop some customers from withdrawing huge sums for their personal use. It was like being at a Spanish Inquisition. As my boss went from questioning one marketer to another I couldn’t help but think that he also had the word, ‘shit’ on his mind – why wouldn’t I think so when he kept going to each person, ‘…so, what came out from your end today?’ ; )

…Shit ending wasn’t it? C’est la vie!


4 thoughts on “Entry 25 – Wisecracks

  1. Your sniffles are getting to your head .. this is entry # 25 … have you been to the doc ??

    do you think you could tell your customers to wire me some of their personal spending money .. I feel like I could really use some 🙂


    • thanx for spotting the typo 🙂 – classic case of writer’s nose block. I’ll mosey on to sporadic reflections to see if you’ve got any typos too, shall I?


    • i’m in the clear and i’m safe to kiss now 😀

      I can cope with an itchy throat but a dripping nose…thats just darn nasty!

      Hey DD, would u like to give my blog theme a long overdue makeover?


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