Lurking in the woods IV

Jake screamed after the old lady’s evil eyes stared right back at his eyes through the rear view mirror. He watched in horror as blood from her mouth ran down her dark gown. The smell of fear overwhelmed the car in the guise of urine streaming through the jeans of a terrified Louis. The old lady suddenly vanished from Jack’s rear view and he quickly adjusted the mirror to see which way the old lady went. The body heat in the car was intense as a result of the heavy perspiring among the guys. They all frantically made sharp turns left and right to see where the old lady was but the mist on the car windows made it difficult to see. Jake was in a state of hysteria…

‘Wh…which way d-d-d-did she go? WHICH WAY DID SHE GO?????’
‘Sssssh! I hear something…listen…footsteps…’

Simon heard the footsteps go past his car door and then the sound grew distant until there was a still silence outside.

‘I think she’s gone’
‘Are you sure? Why won’t she just leave us alone? What did we do huh?’

As Louis kept asking these questions he slowly sat back up normally in his seat and then used his hand to rub off the mist on his car window. He only rubbbed enough in the middle of the window to see what was out there. He still couldnt see anything…just darkness. As he kept staring at his window he soon realized that he was actually staring at a dark garment…a dark, bloodied garmnent…

‘F**K!!! SHE’S HERE!!!!!

The car became an orchestra of sadistic and petrifying screams as the old lady tried to open Louis’s door. It was still locked but she viciously repeated to pull at the car door handle. A minute later, she suddenly stopped. The most peculiar thing happened immediately after. Louis’ door knob popped up automatically. Louis tried desperately to press it down to lock his door but unfortunately it was too late.

She opened his door and then she hastily reached into the car, mouth still dripping with blood. She hastily grabbed hold of Louis’ ankles and viciously yanked him out of the car. Louis managed to latch unto the handbrake but she was not relenting with each tug. Jake and Simon were more concerned with getting out of the car from the other side as fast as they could but both their doors wouldn’t open. Louis was losing his grip and wailed out to his panic-stricken friends.


With one final tug at his ankles the old bloodied lady violently dragged Louis out of the car and deep into the nearby woods. Simon and Jake beheld the frightful sight of their friend scampering to grab hold of anything to stop him being dragged to his doom. Jake tried to get out from Louis’ side but the door swung shut and locked itself to his surprise. After several attempts to open any of the doors they started kicking their soles against the windows. Louis’ faint screams were a constant reminder of why they needed to get out of the car fast. But all they got was a few cracks and then Simon turned round and noticed this nightmare was about to get much worse.


Jake and Simon began exerting even greater force with their kicks and the cracks started widening. But the old lady walked very slowly towards to the back door. Jake managed to give his window one last thrust of his two feet before the old lady started trying to open Simon’s door…and then he shattered his window, just in time for his escape. Simon tried to wriggle his way to the front seat once Jake crawled out of the jagged window space and at that precise moment…the old lady opened Simon’s door and grabbed his waist. Jake pulled Simon’s arms as he shrieked for help but the dreaded lady was unbelievably strong.


Jake struggled with the tug-o-war and Simon screamed in pain as he felt like he was being torn apart. Then, in a swift but horrible act of desperation, the old lady spat blood into Jakes eyes, to which he instantly let go of Simon. She gurgled a bloody laugh as she succeeded in dragging Simon into the woods. Jake tried to open his eyes but his vision was terribly blurred and even with the moonlight he still couldn’t see clearly. He started running along the road as he heard Simon’s screams behind him. Jake was determined not to get abducted tonight but he couldn’t see where he was going. He started to get tired and he felt helpless. He got down on his knees and began to weep at the loss of his friends to the evil hag.

As he cried he heard an unexpected sound like a branch being broken. He called out to see who was there but there was no answer. He strained to open his eyes and all he saw was a blurry figure standing a few feet away from him. In two steps the figure lunged at Jake and took a deadly swing to his head, rendering him unconscious.
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Months later, a group of campers stumbled across an abandoned white car in the woods. After hearing about an ongoing search for four missing teenagers last seen in a car of the same description, they immediately alerted the police who carried out a thorough investigation. The police later discovered that car was registered to a Mr. Vincent Cohen.


Further investigations revealed that there were long fragments of pearl-white hair found in the boot of the car. The strands were eventually linked to a Ms. Teresa Feltz whose body was later recovered from a lake within the county. She didn’t have many friends and all she ever did was her gardening. The police confirmed that the dents on the car would explain the fractures found on the old lady and that the driver would have shoved her in the boot before dumping her in the lake. Tests revealed that the lady didn’t necessarily die from her injuries but she died from a heart attack, most likely from the fear of being trapped in a dark, enclosed space. 

There were also traces of blood found metres away from where the car was discovered. Forensic experts took blood samples from the parents of the missing teenagers and were able to make a match in all cases. The blood was that of Simon Miller, Louis Holden, Jake Griffith and Vincent Cohen. There was blood splattered across a section of the woods but no bodies were ever recovered to this day.




Police have argued that the bodies must still be in the forest somewhere…





I agree…





but if only they looked a little closer…








So which part did you enjoy the most?

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